Saturday, November 26, 2011

Enjoying life with my Friend's!

Wine Tasting at Three wine Vineyard's
Enjoying a great time with my Awesome Friend's
Tom, Shirley, Ma Carmen, Angie
Also enjoying some Pisco Sour!!

On top of the world. 
Having the best summer ever..
Tom, Shirley,Kyle, Angie
Four Event's on the same day!!
Early Boat Ride
Followed by
Dinner at Andina's 
Followed by 
Timber Game 
Followed by
Hanging out with all of Tom's Hockey Team!!

Enjoying a late evening boat ride. 
Tom, Shirley, Precilla, Angie
We went to the Rouge Hop's Brewery!
Went Beer tasting and enjoyed the late boat ride in the river!!

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